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Revatio (sildenafil)

Revatio is used to treat pulmonary hypertension when people have not responded to conventional treatment. Revatio is a medicine called a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor. It works by relaxing blood vessels in the lungs, which decreases blood pressure.

Revatio contains the sildenafil citrate as Viagra. Sildenafil is marketed for male erectile dysfunction. Viagra is by far the most popular drug used for erectile dysfunction treatment and has already helped millions of men worldwide. Revatio, so as Viagra, stimulates the bloodflow in the penis, providing harder erections for longer periods of time and thus improving a man’s sexual life.

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Revatio is supplied as white, film-coated, round tablets containing sildenafil citrate equivalent to the nominally indicated amount of sildenafil as follows:
30 pills x 20 mg
60 pills x 20 mg
90 pills x 20 mg

Store this medication at 25°C (77°F); excursions permitted to 15-30°C (59-86°F).

Sildenafil Citrate, the active ingredient in Viagra and Generic Viagra, stimulates and increases blood flow to the penis during sexual stimulation.

Tips in Using Viagra

Viagra is considered as a miracle medicine especially for men who have been in sexual doomsday since they learned that they suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence. This medicine has helped many men and their partners when it comes to sexual satisfaction – guaranteed. Some men also use it as a medical supplement for muscle relaxation. Sildenafil, one of its contents has the ability to relax muscles and regulate blood flow in the body.

However, Viagrais not something you buy over the counter in a drugstore or pharmaceutical. You need to have a prescription for ED before it is handed to you. Once a prescription is secured, you can drive to a drugstore for your medicine. But wait, you just don’t take it right away. For a more effective and fulfilling experience, read on the following tips:

You should be in the mood.

Medical experts say that you will not be able to get and sustain an erection if you just take a tablet of Viagra. For this miracle medicine to work, you need a stimulant – aturn on. This is something you need to work on with your partner. The timing, mood, environment and emotion should be sex-oriented. Your mind must be cleared from stress such as traffic, work, and among others.

The timing must be right.

Viagra takes effect after 30 to 60 minutes after intake. You may take a tablet even 4 hours prior to your planned sexual activity. You don’t have to rush things up. If you and your partner plan to have an intimate moment after dinner, you can take it after or before meal – or you can have an early snack and then take a tablet before going to dinner.

Eat well before sexual activity.

Although this sexual supplement medicine can be taken with or without food, it is still encouraged to eat well before your sexual activity as it can be very exhausting when you are dry and hungry during those moments. However, it is not advised to take a tablet after eating a high-fat meal like a combination of French fries and heavy cheeseburger as these foods may slow down the sildenafil effect.

Be healthy.

You will not be advised to take Viagra if you are experiencing chest pain, high blood pressure and cholesterol, or blood ailments such as anemia and leukemia. This means you got to be healthy and fit enough to be able to take this medicine. Also, you need to tell your physician about any encountered difficulty before, during or after intake for healthcare purposes.

If you experience any difficulty (in breathing or loss of vision, etc.) after taking in a tablet, immediately call a doctor. Do not engage in any sexual activity if you experience difficulty in breathing as this may lead to a heart attack or other risks.

The use of Viagra and other sexual enhancement medicines should be upon the advised of a healthcare professional. It should not be taken by anyone without prior medical consultation – no matter how good the users’ reviews can be.

Generally we think of women as beautiful and men as handsome. We have typical characteristics assigned to measure the beauty and handsomeness in case of women and men. While we look at the beauty of the form in case of women, we look at the overall personality and the physical features in the case of men. The beauty of the female form encompasses certain sexiness and feminity while in the case of men, the physical strength, body build, height and other physical features encompass their handsomeness. »»»

High blood pressure in men is a big health issue. About one in three adult men suffer from hypertension that results in high blood pressure. Over half of men above 60 and older suffer from it. »»»

There are varying ways that you can exercise health and fitness. Therefore, choosing a program that you want to carry out depends on your preferences. For that case, the selection of a fitness program should top your exercising plan if you want to obtain quick results. One of the programs that offer numerous fitness and other healthy benefits include walking. »»»

About four in ten men have impotence problems and most of the men hardly notice it. It is only when the real problem arises that they realize that they have erectile dysfunction. It is also that most of the men true to ignore the fact that they are facing some erection issues. It is always better to understand the symptoms of erection dysfunction. »»»

Erectile dysfunction has become a common evil in every society. It renders a man impotent and unresponsive to physical interaction and reduces sexual performance. In this particular disease, many factors are involved to trigger the impotence. However, impotence is completely curable by proper medication. A successful medicine of impotence was devised by the scientists of Pfizer pharmaceuticals in 1998 after which it is still being sold as the block buster sexual medication to enhance libido in men throughout the world. »»»

Cancer, one of the most dangerous and fatal disease is wrecking a havoc on the mankind. N numbers of cancers have been detected by the medical fraternity till date, and the process is still going on. Day in and day out, we hear some new kind of a cancer. Cancer has caused a spell on men and women equally. Where women suffer a lot from breast and cervical cancers, men are the soft target of cancers like Penile Cancer, the cancer of penis. »»»

Heart is a symbol for life and work just like a pump in human body to circulate the blood. Existence of human life is impossible without this phenomenon. Some people suffer from heart problem in which heart become unable to circulate the blood properly. In this condition, Angioplasty is a process which opens the closed valve for blood circulation. »»»

Certain things which are basic requirement in the human body are in the long run ineffectual to your health or they simply have no definite positivity to your current development. Whereas, there are some of which such as breakfast, water and cycling which can be categorized into secondary wants yet they have lots of health benefits. Below are benefits of the three minors which produce major outcomes in terms of fitness. »»»

Erectile dysfunction or impotence can be caused because of many reasons. The problem of erection is mainly related to blood flow in the penile region. Persons having good flow of blood in the penis get good erection and also the hardness stays for a long period. The blood flow to the penis can get decreased because of the shrinking of the arteries that supply blood. This type of impotence or erectile dysfunction caused because of shrinking of arteries can be termed as Arteriogenic impotence. »»»

Human beings are always looking for love and for sex. Apart from the immediate need for hunger and thirst, the mind tends to be preoccupied with the thoughts of sex and seeking love. Both these are natural drives. Men irrespective of whether they are married or not notice beautiful women and the same goes with women too. This however does not mean that they are interested in the other persons or that they are straying from their current relationship. »»»

Impotence is a Nightmare

Impotence is a nightmare for the men. Impotence is often found to strike those men who have been taking unbalanced diet for a long time or have faced constant mental stress for a considerable time. Rapid increase in the recent years of the prevalence of impotence urged a number of drug producing companies to come up with a drug which would be helpful in killing erectile dysfunction. After a number of attempts and trails, finally Pfizer, a grandeur pharmaceutical company, provided an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction through its product named Revatio which soon gained the highest sales in the medical stores worldwide. Revatio aids erection in men who become trapped in the evilness of impotence. Among the number of plus points of Revatio, one is that the drug is effective impotence killer in men of all ages.

How Revatio Promotes Erection

A factor called cGMP is needed for the erection to take place. cGMP stimulates erection by causing the dilation of the arteries of the penis. If the level of cGMP falls below the minimum required for erection, arteries of the penis are not dilated. Less dilation is responsible for less inflow of blood and its less accumulation in the penis thus weakening erection. Revatio helps the dilation of the arteries of the penis by arresting the activity of phosphodiesterase, an enzyme which splits cGMP, penile artery dilator, into GMP. Loss of the activity of phosphodiesterase helps build the level of cGMP which then promotes dilation of the arteries thus making possible the process of erection to take place by increasing the accumulation of blood in the penis.

Follow the following instruction please!

After entering the blood circulation, the drug reaches various organs, some to impose its effects on and some organs where its degradation and ultimately its elimination would take place. Liver is where it is mostly metabolized, in case of hepatic disease; the drug is prohibited for the same reason. Sam goes for kidney and heart the diseases of which could render the individual threatened with Revatio. Starters are recommended to take with a glassful of water half an hour prior to sexual stimulation 25 mg of Revatio tablet. Increase the dosage if the previous dosage is rendered ineffective. Do no take more than once tablet of Revatio of any dosage quantity in 24 hours time or else severe lowering of blood pressure might take place culminating in dizziness or even comma. Nitrate containing drugs, protease inhibitors and erythromycin are strongly restricted from their use along with Revatio.

SIDE EFFECTS: What are they and why they occur?

Targeting chiefly the PDE5 enzyme of the penile tissues, the drug also effects other enzymes bring about other effects on the body called as side effects but these effects are mostly of negligible magnitude. However, if the side effects occur for more than a couple of hours cease the drug use and seek medical guidance. In case of Revatio, dizziness, cyanotic vision, hearing loss, nasal congestion, runny nose and prolonged painful erection are the side effects.

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Admitting Impotence is the first step to overcoming ED

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a common condition where men do not get the proper erection when engaging in sexual activity. This condition is very frustrating for many men that they are very much shy to admit their problem. Hiding the erection problems is not going to solve anything. The first thing to the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence is admitting the problem. There is nothing to be shy with erectile problems as it is now a common phenomenon; about one in four men are seen to be having impotence issues.

People would not have admitted their erection problem long ago. But as more and more men want to enjoy sex on a normal basis, they do not hide their problems. Moreover, earlier there were only a few medications available. With the advancement of medical science, there are various medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence.

If you feel of having any problem with your erection, the first thing is to discuss with your partner. Once you disclose your problem, you get relief from all tension and fear of being frustrated in front of your partner. If you admit the erection difficulties with your partner, you can expect full support from her. The support of the partner is also very much needed when you go for medications.

When talking to the doctor about your erection problems, it is better to discuss with him all your physical and psychological problems so that he would be able to take a right decision on the medication.