Age Old Wisdom Lights Our Life

Marriage is an age old institution. Though in the modern times people have stopped believing in the institution of marriage and have begun to experiment with live in relationships, marriage will never go out of fashion. As long as the humans live in a society, marriage is fundamental to the society and family. Spiritual saints say that by transcending the concept of love and commitment to a relationship and engaging in indiscriminate physical relationship, we are but throwing away the god’s gift of love and are misusing and abusing the sexual energy. Thus the abuse of sexual drive and energy as well as the indulgence in indiscriminate relationship will have its own consequences for, the law of cause and effect will come into play. Nature’s laws are perfect and mathematically accurate. They can never fail. When we abuse our bodies and engage in mindless actions, we are abusing ourselves and our body as well as mind.

Take the case of modern men. Indulgence in sex, crime, hate, violence as well as embracing the social ills such as drinking, smoking and doing the drugs is causing havoc in the lives of men at their prime of youth years. As the saying goes” Those who rule by the sword, shall die by the sword”, we will reap what we sow. By indulging in these habits men are abusing their bodies as well as mind and other faculties. Accordingly we see increasing cases of male impotence in men. The case of depression, suicidal tendencies as well as mental disturbance are on the rise. Men are unable to hold on to relationships for a life time and end up destroying their emotional well being as well as health.

Male impotence is caused often due to smoking and drinking too. Due to excessive indulgence men invite diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and heart conditions etc which in turn cause erectile dysfunction and affect the kidney as well. Hormonal imbalance too can cause erectile dysfunction or lower sperm count. Drugs are known to make men impotence as it affects the sperm production in the body. When man is not able to engage in a healthy relationship due to his impotence, he will not be able to seek a lifetime partnership and will have to face the reality of spending his life all by himself without a wife and children. This is a gloomy picture alright. Many men do not see that it can be true in their case. It is their lack of discrimination and the habit of engaging in sensual pleasures all the time, that ultimately determines their future life. The lure of the senses is so strong that reason and logic eludes them. Men who engage in excessive sex end up abusing their body and life force. Their physical health too takes a beating and no amount of medication can bring back their lost strength.

Marriage and values like love etc are the essence of age old wisdom that is laid down for the benefit of mankind. When will the modern day man learn lessons from the past history and stop making mistakes?