Arteriogenic Impotence

Erectile dysfunction or impotence can be caused because of many reasons. The problem of erection is mainly related to blood flow in the penile region. Persons having good flow of blood in the penis get good erection and also the hardness stays for a long period. The blood flow to the penis can get decreased because of the shrinking of the arteries that supply blood. This type of impotence or erectile dysfunction caused because of shrinking of arteries can be termed as Arteriogenic impotence.

Arteriogenic impotence is more common among elderly people, especially those suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. It is a common type of erectile dysfunction that is seen with people having high cholesterol levels. As one ages, there is a possibility that the arteries may shrink. It is advised that men having diabetes and high blood pressure should always control their sugar levels and pressure levels.

Another cause of Arteriogenic impotence is related to the injury in the genital part, which could cause a block in arteries that supply blood in the penile area. This type of artery blocks is most common in young people.

Arteriogenic impotence is also caused because of more friction in the genital areas. If there is a sustained friction in the genital areas as developed for example by bicycle riders could lead to the development of clot-like substance in the artery. This clot could grow and lead to a block of the arteries.

Well, once you feel any erection problems, it is better to contact the physician as he would be able to diagnose the real cause.