Benefits of Vacuum Pump Theory in Erectile Dysfunction

After the introduction of drugs such as Viagra and Revatio in the market for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), majority of people around the world have coped up with their erectile problems and lead a healthy sexual life with their spouses. But not every person responds in the same way to these drugs. Few men may face some common after effects such as headache, nausea, blurred vision, and muscle pain after the administration of these medicines. Recently FDA had also warned that even irreparable hearing loss may be caused because of these drugs. Thus, males who do not show a positive response to the drugs of erectile dysfunction must opt for some other kind of natural substitutes to solve their problem.

The ED vacuum pump theory is one such substitute. It is one of the most widely suggested and preferred method of treatments of Erectile dysfunction. A vacuum pump or a penis pump is used in this therapy to assist the patient in initiating and sustaining erection during the sexual intercourse. In turn, this aids him in getting rid of the awkwardness and embarrassment temporarily and enhances his sexual functioning.

The ED vacuum pump is a tube in the cylindrical shape where you need to insert the penis while doing the exercise routine. While using it as an erection assisting device, you need to place a constriction band on the lower side of the cylinder of the pump and after attaining the desired stiffness, the constriction ring or band slips into the base of the penis confining the blood that aid in maintaining erection during sexual performance. The major role of the vacuum pump is to trap blood, thus resulting in a steady blood flow to the muscles to sustain an erection.

The major benefits of this vacuum pump therapy are as follows:

  • It is completely safe and is not responsible for any serious risk. Actually, FDA approved it as an over-the-counter drug in the medical stores in 1997.
  • It has an efficiency rate of above 90% and is popular to yield immediate and best results.
  • You can use it along with other medicines and treatments. This implies that a vacuum appliance can be utilized to assist erection to complement the normal dosage of drug.
  • In contrast to the surgical penile medicines and implants, Erectile Dysfunction vacuum pumps are not persistent. As you need to use them externally, they don’t have any adverse side-effects.
  • The immediate results of the pump enhance confidence and self-esteem in the patient, ultimately aiding him in the eradication of this issue permanently. It has been found that that the therapy is very efficient in those males who have PED- Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction.
  • It is apt for adult males of all ages and can be appropriately used in any type of ED.
  • It is extremely economic. A vacuum pump of premium quality just costs you $200 in the market. Although, a vacuum pump of a decent quality is also available at $100.