Biggest Bedroom Concerns of Men

What’s the most essential sex organ of one’s body? The Answer is the brain.

This is because all the psychological factors such as stress, performance fear and anxiety can be harmful for your sex life. Moreover, emotional problems are among the greatest reason of erectile dysfunction in males, being the cause of nearly 10-20 % cases of ED.

And statistics reveal that the situational ED (that occurs when a particular condition such as pre-sex anxiety or stress which causes difficulty in erection for a man) is comparatively common – it may occur as often as once in every 5 sexual experiences.

What is the reason of distress in men in the bedroom? Have glance at the most common sexual worries of men – and how can they beat them.

Sexual Worries of a Man, Explained

Have any of these problems troubling you?

  • Anxiety about age. Many men are afraid that, as they age, they might be turned off to their partner or sex – or even bad – that their partner might stop liking them. As per the National Institute of Health, above 15% of males older than 65 will encounter ED as a long-term effect – though, a study of AARP observed this: majority of older men continue having happy sex lives, and the % of males and females who appreciate the physical beauty in fact improves with age.
  • Performance fear. Whether they are concerned about premature ejaculation or erectile issues, several men start putting on themselves unrealistic expectations in the bedroom – and that worsens the things. Experts believe that the most usual times for ED to be seen in young men is when they have to face a new girlfriend, due to the overwhelming desire to appeal them, results in no performance at all. “The truth is that the real act of intercourse usually does not exceed 7 ½ minutes time,” states MR. Nelson Bennett.
  • Issues with Body image. Not only women are concerned about their naked look. “Men can be insecure about their physical bodies,” said Dr. Bennett. “It could be the increased weight or with age the sagging of muscles. In either case, a weak body image may result in weak sexual health.” While maintaining your body in a good shape may enhance your self-esteem, understand that healthy relationships boom on communication and intimacy.
  • Nervousness about STD: If you are single, an anxiety develops that a new physical partner will introduce a sexual transmitted disease. As per the records of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are nearly 19 million recent cases of STDs every year, and maximum of the population is not as alert as they should be.

How to suppress the Bedroom Worries

Let’s face the truth: Most of the males experiencing occasional problems with erection do not have ED. Nearly 30% of men believe they undergo premature ejaculation, but just 5% do. Talk to your physician if you face regular problems of erection.