Can Indulgence In Regular Sex Prevent ED?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common problems in case of men who might have aged. Though it should be noted that not. A study being conducted on the sec life of people in the age group of 55 – 75 and the research indicated this fact that men who indulged in sexual intercourse on a minimum of once per week drastically cut down their risk of having some form of erectile dysfunction.

This study was conducted on people in Finland. A set of 989 men were considered as a subset and they were researched on for a period of five years. And while they entered the research, they did not face any problem with erection dysfunction. However, after 5 years post research all of them for observed and the conclusion for the research was derived. And it was observed that men having sex less than one time per week experienced two times more risk of suffering from erection dysfunction.

What this study might mean?

Simply put, research says that anyone over the age of 55 upto the age of 75 needs to indulge in sex. If not, they will suffer from erectile dysfunction. Though it should be noted that not just the physical need, but a lot of things go into when it comes to sexual intercourse, ranging from emotional, social and psychological factors. Men who are in a good shape, physically and mentally and are in a happy relation tend to have sex more than those otherwise.

What is the opinion of the experts on this?

According to experts, the research is absolutely right and what the results it throws up, does make a lot of sense. The penis, like any other muscle in the body requires some degree of exercise. If it is exercised, that is if one indulges in sex, since the muscle is getting used, it will hold its way for longer. But in no way it means you need to have intercourse or masturbation to support this theory. It is the erection which is the exercise and not the end result that is ejaculation.

Overall most doctors understand this that sex is not just healthy physically, but it also is healthier emotionally. It is something which keeps a bond going in a relation, leading to overall healthier lifestyle. Hence, whenever possible, getting an erection is absolutely good.

And if you are getting an issue with having a full erection enough to satisfy your partner, you need to talk to a doctor. You need to get the problem of erectile dysfunction treated. It should also be noted that erectile dysfunction actually indicates a problem in other aspects of your life. A link has already een established between erectile dysfunction and heart diseases. Hence if one visits a doctor, some severe problem with the health can also be determined.

Simply put, have erections as much as you have. Indulge in sex atleast once a week or so. And this holds especially true in case of men above 55 years of age.