Can you use Revatio as a recreational drug?

Shocking reports have been coming from various sections of the world on how Revatio is used as a party or recreational drug. Revatio has now become a hot stuff among the youngsters of high schools & colleges. This is a problem which seeks immediate attention on the position of Pfizer which manufactures Revatio and also the parents and educators.

According to a recent study, it was found out that the number of men below the age of 45 consuming Revatio has been intensifying at a rapid speed. In fact, it is very shocking to see that in just 4 years, the number of men below the age 45 using Revatio has nearly become twice. And the most startling or rather infuriating trend is that nearly 3/4th of the users purchased this medicine without any prescription from the pharmacies. If this disturbing habit is not stopped at the earliest, then Revatio may soon become a pill (subject) of mass violation.

Why is Revatio popular with the youngsters and party crowd? Serious study needs to be conducted on this question considering the enhanced trend of Revatio consumers. Revatio has its own charm by occupying a permanent position in the lives of the party people as a sex-improving medicine. Illicit party drugs such as ecstasy or booze flow such as a river plays an important role in every party. With majority of these substances reducing their sexual health and rather even failing to provide them an erection, Revatio is seen as a heavenly aphrodisiac. They can achieve their erection through Revatio.

The popular blue tablet has no one to compete in the drug industry when it comes to perfectly timed erection in the middle of a crazy cocktail party. In times like these, the man’s sexual strength is measured. The Revatio effect may result in them taking stupid steps. With high amount of sexual energy like in an angry bull, man goes for the sex and forgets the precautions of having a safe sex. Without taking any preventive measures, he increases the high risk of spreading STDs like genital herpes and HIV.

Apart from the STDs- sexually transmitted diseases, many other things are there to worry about. Unwanted and unsafe pregnancies are likely to hit the society with the increased numbers of teenage consumers. Several experienced users of Revatio unintentionally may mix some other nitroglycerin cardiac medications with the impotency drug which can result in some other health problems. Actually, these are the problems which need to be tackled with immense care and precaution.

Revatio is considered as the most efficient medicine which can cure all the problems linked to ED. It may help you in enhancing your confidence and add extra life to your sexual moments. But it will be foolish to misuse it without proper knowledge and information about the pros and cons of this impotency medicine. The advantages of Revatio must be used but in a proper way with the correct attitude.