Culture That Promises Instant Cures

With changing times, our thought process, our actions and our way of thinking too is changing. With the current trends, man believes in seeking instant remedy. It is the age of ‘instant foods’ and ‘Instant remedies’. Society is largely driven by mass hysteria and herd mentality. Out of one thousand there may be one person who questions what is happening. The business models of all businesses seem to be driven around with instant appeal.

Take the case of American society that lives off on plastic card. Instant gratification has driven the American economy with plastic money and instant loans. People who follow the herd mentality are the ones that caught in the debt trap and pay a heavy price later.

Take the case of Viagra. We are today living in a Viagra Culture. Viagra and libido is the common topic of conversation by men be it when they take a smoke break at office or at the bar or even at airport. Men are chasing a myth called ‘Male Libido’ that is ever existing and performing. While on one side men are resorting to Viagra to increase their libido, the cases of male impotence too is increasing. Problems related to erectile dysfunction and male impotence has existed in our society since times immemorial. A lot of research has been taking place for decades to understand and record the male sexual behavior and the cases of male impotence from time to time in the period of history. Male impotence has been the major subject of debate with urologists, sex therapists as well as psychoanalysts and other medical practitioners claiming it to be their baby. There is a general understanding amongst the medical community today that more than seventy percent of cases of male impotence is caused due to psychological and emotional reasons. Erectile dysfunction is caused due to physical diseases like blood pressure, heart ailments as well as diabetes and hormonal problems the causes of which lie in the emotional makeup of the individuals. The medical industry has medicalized the impotence problem leading to a billion dollar industry that offers various surgical and non surgical, bio medical and other forms of treatments including penile implants, penile injections and other tools that help achieve erection etc. The advent of the internet and free availability of information on male impotence and the solutions has lead to a availability of Viagra and other drugs across the counter.

Male impotence is a very major problem with men who take it very seriously . Their self esteem is dependent upon their libido. In such a situation, men do not realize that instances of male impotence can be natural, temporary and age related. Prompted by the instant culture, almost every man succumbs to the publicity around the ‘Instant Cures and Relief’ and goes for a quick fix. Thousands of dollars are spent before they realize that it is but a passing phase and the root cause lies elsewhere.