Erectile Dysfunction and Exercise

Exercise may prove as a key to the active sexual function, but by this we mean the regular strength and cardio workouts, not intended exercises of penis. What the reasons for which exercise is considered to be an influential remedy to prevent ED?

“For men experiencing failed erections, the penis is an indicator of the happenings in the other body parts,” says urologist Wayne Hellstrom, professor, MD of urology at the Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans.

The solution of all this is the endothelium – the inner membrane of blood vessels which assists in the smooth blood flow. Frequent exercise has been proven to enhance the working of the endothelium. The endothelium in the penis and the heart lines the blood vessels, describes Dr. Hellstrom, but in the penis, the blood vessels are nearly 1/3rd in size than those in heart. So if you face failure in erections because of vascular issues, this indicates that there are chances of heart problems too.

The important thing is to take steps in maintaining the health of the endothelium so that the risk of erectile dysfunction decreases. Physical activity is essential for a healthy endothelium and thus, for a healthy penis and heart.

Developing Your Exercise Plan

The advantages of exercise for healthy blood vessels last only till you continue exercising on a daily basis. Experts advise that men who want the prevention of impotence should make a strong long-term dedication to exercise. Remember the following tips:

  • INCLUDE WEIGHT TRAINING: Aerobic exercise like swimming, jogging and walking is beneficial for your blood vessels, but resistance exercise has been proven to enhance the function of endothelium as well. A combination of both can help in the improvement of your overall health and keep you excited in your workout schedule.
  • SELECT ENJOYABLE ACTIVITIES: Your exercise session does not have to be too long. Actually, reports have shown that by just brisk walking daily for minimum 3 months properly enhances the strength of blood vessels.
  • DON’T LET AGE BE A HINDERANCE: Erectile dysfunction is more usual as men age, but at the same time, regular exercise has been proven to fight the influence of age on your blood vessels.
  • CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU ARE NOT REGULARLY PHYSICAL ACTIVE: It’s an excellent idea to get the approval of your doctor – and perhaps some extra exercise tips – if you are just beginning the exercise workout.

The questionable claims of Penis Exercise

As you search for a way out from impotence, no doubt you will fall for recommendations of male enhancement program, probably implying penis exercise to enhance your erections.

Penis Exercise may seem good, says Hellstrom, but I don’t believe there is enough information in its support.

The term ‘Penis exercise’ in fact means the kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises, in which a person concentrates on building up the muscles responsible for the ejaculation and urine flow. These are recommended often to men recovering from treatment of prostate cancer, having ejaculation problems, but they don’t seem to be helpful in ED.