Fitness Halved heart risk in seniors

In the new study it is shown that due to the practicing of the exercise for the health and fitness reduce the risk of the heart problems in the senior age. So it is clear that old age patient can also reduce their risk factor by engaging themselves in healthy routine, by leaving smoking habit and by keeping the optimum weight, said by Liana Del Gobbo. Research estimated that heart problem is very common in old age people.

Del Gobbo said, people with the age 55 year or less has very less chance of heart failure in their life. He added that heart problem caused by when blood flow is restricted and do not flow according to the required limit. This blood circulation stopped in the arm and legs which may swallow these points with pain. In this way patient also victimized some more problems and can be tired easily in the daily routine. In worst situation, patients have to put heart transplant which may lead to the death. It is unknown that how much participants were active in their daily life before the age 65 years and there is not a possibility to known about their early life. Dr. David Maron said, I believe strongly on these ideas that healthy activities help in the heart problem and even it is not proved. Healthy daily routine may also keep you young in age and reduce such kind of problems as well.