How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Sometimes, different medications might not work for erectile dysfunction but can cause some side effects which can be unpleasant most of the times. If this occurs, the doctor needs to be notified and the doctor will now recommend a suitable medication. There are some medications that can help in treating erectile dysfunction and also aid increase in blood flow to the penis, they are Revatio (sildenafil), Stendra (avanafil), Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), Androderm (testosterone) and Levitra (vardenafil).

Apart from the medications mentioned above, there are some natural herbs and treatments for erectile dysfunction. In few males, the natural herbs help in treating erectile dysfunction. The physician should be notified before trying a new herb for treating this condition. The individual should be careful when purchasing herbs and supplements because many of these herbs are not regulated and may contain more ingredients that are not written on the labels. There are good brands that should be recommended by the physician and caution should be taken when buying herbs and supplements online.

L-arginine, DHEA, ginseng, Yohimbe an Asparagus racemosus are the herbs and supplements that have been successful in treating erectile dysfunction.

Stress, anxiety, PTSD was also known as post-traumatic stress disorder and depression are the famous psychological factors that cause erectile dysfunction. Talk therapy can be done in case the individual is having a psychological erectile dysfunction. Therapy aids in managing the mental health. Several sessions with the therapist may be needed in other to address some salient issues concerning anxiety factors or stress, sexual feelings, and conflicts that occur subconsciously which could be affecting the sexual well-being of the individual.

In case this condition is already affecting the individual's relationship, then the doctor can recommend a relationship counselor. Relationship counseling may help in reconnecting emotionally with the individual’s partner and can also help the condition of erectile dysfunction. Yoga and body massage can helps in treating erectile dysfunction alternatively if it is caused by stress.

Prostatic massage can be used, it is also a form of massage therapy whereby experts massage the tissues present around and in the groin in other to increase the flow of blood to the male sex organ. Acupuncture can also help in treating psychological erectile dysfunction, though nothing much has been found out on this. Many appointments will be needed by the individual before getting close to improvements. In choosing an acupuncturist, a certified expert that uses disposable needles and flows various guidelines for needle sterilization and disposal should be chosen.

Regular pelvic floor muscles exercises or activities can cause an improvement in the penis function after few months, normal erection can be retained after the few months. The exercise that can help to make the pelvic floor muscles stronger is called Kegel exercises. It is done by identifying the pelvic floor muscles by ceasing the pee midstream. The muscles used during this action is the pelvic floor muscles. There will be a rise in the testicles when these muscles are contracted. When these muscles are known, there is need to compress the muscles for few minutes and it should be repeated over and over again up to three times a day.