How To Get Maximum Sexual Pleasure?

The pleasure of doing sexual intercourse is so much high that no one would like to miss an opportunity of having sex. A proper sexual intercourse gives pleasure to both man and woman. Many men do not have knowledge how they can make their sexual intercourse more effective. Usually men start doing intercourse with their partner when they get penile erection and such sexual activity ends within a few minutes. In most of such cases, the woman remains unsatisfied because she does not get enough pleasure she is expecting from him. A normal woman needs 15 min sexual intercourse to reach orgasm otherwise she is unsatisfied. A man can get sexual satisfaction within 5-6 minutes. Considering this gap in getting sexual satisfaction, men should cooperate with women. In order to make sexual activity pleasurable for both, men should start sex with foreplay. Importance of foreplay is great and no one can deny it. A good foreplay increases the sexual desire of woman and makes her available for an intercourse which will end in satisfaction of both. After doing foreplay, it becomes easy for woman to reach orgasm in shorter period of time. Man can do kissing on different parts of her body to increase her sexual desire. People, who have problem of losing erection earlier than normal time, should increase foreplay time. It is a fact that women get much sexual pleasure through foreplay and many women enjoys it till the end of sexual intercourse.

How a person can have sex if he is suffering from any sexual problem? Well, there are different sexual problems due to which he might feel uncomfortable in having sex. For example, if he is suffering from erectile dysfunction then he will obviously face problem in getting penile erection. The only solution to have sex when you are suffering from sexual problem is to contact professional doctor regarding its treatment. Without getting treatment, the man cannot have satisfactory sex. When the patient will meet the doctor regarding its treatment, he needs to tell all things related to his health. The doctor will come to know about the health problems he is already suffering from. Moreover, doctor may ask him about all medicines he is already taking. These things asked before prescribing medicines for erectile dysfunction treatment. The reason behind this is some medicines show side effects when they are used along with specific medicines. Due to this, it is important for doctor to know about all medicines patient already taking. After this, it is the responsibility of patient to take medicines according to prescription. If he is not getting satisfactory results, then he should share it with his doctor. Some people try to take overdose of recommended medicines in order to increase the time of erection time. For those people who do so, they should avoid doing this thing because taking overdose never increase the erection time but increases the chances of getting many other health problems as side effects.