Human Yearning

Human beings are always looking for love and for sex. Apart from the immediate need for hunger and thirst, the mind tends to be preoccupied with the thoughts of sex and seeking love. Both these are natural drives. Men irrespective of whether they are married or not notice beautiful women and the same goes with women too. This however does not mean that they are interested in the other persons or that they are straying from their current relationship. Most often this is a unconscious and involuntary reaction or rather men and women are programmed biologically to notice the members of the opposite sex.

Sexual drive is one of the most powerful drives in humans. This is also an important element of the human existence for it is through sex that new life is created and nurtured. Therefore in some of the religions the act of sex as well as the semen is given very high importance. Every man is expected to discipline his body and mind in order to control his thoughts as well as control the outflow of semen and not waste it. Every drop of semen is said to contain very high amount of energy and is capable of fertilizing the egg and invite new egg. Therefore the scriptures advise control of the semen and consider it as precious. Men are advised to practice celibacy till such time that they are married. They are advised to abstain from thinking of sex as well as refrain from or control their physical urge. Consummation of marriage they say is to be restricted for the purpose of begetting children and not for physical and sensual pleasures. Thus by reducing and controlling the outflow of semen, the body is made to reabsorb the semen through various exercises and techniques. Absorption of the precious energy back into the body revitalizes the body and the individual begins to glow and shine as well as grow physical strong. However at all times he is required to abstain from thinking about sex.

Love is considered to be the most important ingredient of a happy marriage. Love for the partner comingles with respect for the partner and his or her contribution to one’s own evolution. Both the partners stay committed to love one another and accept one another along with their strengths and faults for their lifetime. There is always a strong belief that the marriages have been pre-ordained by fate or destiny and that the couple are chosen to be wedded to one another.

There is undoubtedly a lot of good in living a very strict life as per the scriptures. Discipline and the right attitude towards sex as well as towards marriage and love ensure happiness and peace. Love is a natural principle of the heart and when recognized and promoted, it brings about bliss. Ultimately this is what every human being years for – Love and bliss in life.