Importance of walking towards health and fitness

There are varying ways that you can exercise health and fitness. Therefore, choosing a program that you want to carry out depends on your preferences. For that case, the selection of a fitness program should top your exercising plan if you want to obtain quick results. One of the programs that offer numerous fitness and other healthy benefits include walking. Hence start your walking program and benefit from:

1. It is good for your heart – walking is good for your heart since it has been proved to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol which by large results in heart ailments. Illustrations:

I. According to a health study that was carried out by 72,000 participant female nurses, who walked for 30minutes every day amounting to 3 hours each week, it lowered the chances of them being affected by high blood pressure by 29% - 40%.

II. Another research published by a medicinal and science researches in a sports and exercising column from a family magazine found that women who are suffering from high blood pressure can lower it by walking 9,700 steps for 24 weeks at your own elected tempo.

III. Finally a researching institution unveiled after carrying out a research on 11, 000 men that, if they undertaking one hour of exercising for 5 days a week reduces the chances that they will suffer from stroke by half.

2. Walking strengthens bones and joints – for your health and fitness, walking add less stress to your joints compared to other related fitness programs such as running or aerobics. Moreover, it lessens the risk of osteoporosis. Illustrations:

I. In a study that was carried out on 35,000 women men and teens of ages amid 19 to 90 years, the results showed that a consistence movement such as walking halts the chances that you will face any risk of hip fractures.

II. In late 2011, researches found out that a 30 minute walk for 4 -5 times a week is essential as it helps increase bone density by 2% in women.

3. Walking and weight control – walking has always been considered a normal undertaking that you at times tend to avoid by boarding on public/private vehicles. On the other hand, it can seriously elevate your hearty rate which in turn leads to burning excess calories making the undertaking vital for your health and fitness. Illustrations:

I. A study in print in an obesity journal supports the fact that walking 30 minutes every day each week is correspondent to exercising for 1 hour and when you are on a diet.

II. Another human nutrition centre of health and science proof that, walking for 20 minutes a day which is equivalent to walking about 2666 steps depending on your strides will help reduce weight gain in the future dates.

III. A review on diet found that participants in an walking exercise of about 1 to 2 miles (approximately 2,100 – 4,100 steps) each day can still expects to loose weight by say 4.5 to 5.5 pounds yearly helping them sustain a continual health and fitness balance.