Impotence and its effects on a healthy body

People are surrounded by different kinds of medical problems and it has become very difficult for them to avoid them easily. Moreover, their life style is not healthy so the immune system is quite weak. Due to this, the person gets several health problems easily. It is the responsibility of a person that he should take care himself and use those foods which are good for health and can improve the immune system. A person should also spend some time on his health because only a healthy body can ensure you that you are going to live happily in the short future. In this article, I am going to discuss about a sexual problem that is found in both genders. A person who is unable to have sexual intercourse with his partner effectively is called as impotent and this state is known as impotence.

Sexual dysfunction or importance is no doubt increasing with great pace. Many people are becoming its victim and they do not even know they how they can treat their sexual problem. Some people use their own medical knowledge to treat their impotency and some consult with unprofessional doctors who do not have any knowledge which medicine will be beneficial for the patient. Such doctors just make their money without considering the health condition of the person. A person should try to avoid such doctors and consult those doctors who are professional and experienced in treating sexual problems.

Let us discuss some causes of impotence. Many people are unaware of these causes so they become its victim so easily. The causes of impotence are high blood pressure, spinal cord injury, heart disease, diabetes and liver or kidney problem. Basically, a certain blood pressure is required inside the blood vessels which then help in giving the penile erection to the person. If the person is unable to get an erection then it would be a great loss for him according to sexual point of view. If a person is victim of erectile dysfunction, then doctors recommend him such medicines which have the ability to increase the blood flow through blood vessels and giving penile erection for 3-4 hours. After getting penile erection, the victim of ED can have sexual intercourse with his partner like a normal person without losing his penile erection. He can satisfy the sexual need of the lady and can enjoy it too.

Medicines which are currently being used for men impotence are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. These three medicines are found in different doses. The doctor examines the health condition of the patient before prescribing him the best medicine and the right dose. The person just need to take the medicine one hour before the sexual activity and it will be all normal for him. It is important to tell you here that these medicines also carry some side effects and you must have the knowledge about them. Try to contact your health care provider immediately in case of any emergency during the medication.