Is ED Physical Or Psychological?

Is there something which is implanted in our psyche making us want to satisfy others to the point that we are keen to harm ourselves in the due process? In several forms of old civilization, it was considered that the person is responsible of pleasing their spouse. But the query is that what are the limits involved while pleasing one another? There are several safe substitutes to deal with the arousal problems, apart from using the medicines. Generally, the after effects of the medicines can be heart strokes during sex, can result in imbalance of the blood pressure, medicines can cause strokes, retina problems and other symptoms. Many people do not realize that other alternatives are there like natural herbal medicines and surgical process. So, why trouble yourself by agonizing about the right way of treatment; delight our partner by getting yourselves informed by a professional.


Many times, there are advertisements on TV that discuss about erectile dysfunction and several men possibly think that they are experiencing this because they face performance problems some times. But, if you face issues in erections rarely, this does not always mean that you are experiencing ED. Symptoms of ED are: if erection becomes more flaccid or weaker during intercourse; every 1 in 5 times you have sex, you face problems in sustaining an erection; retaining an erection becomes a meticulous task; some sexual positions result in loss of erection; and ejaculation often takes places without achieving complete erection. So don’t be extremely self conscious if you undergo any of these symptoms rarely because there are chances that you may not have ED.


Can ED be related to psychological problems, or can it also be specified by certain physical ailment such as old age? Studies show that men suffering from ED are generally above 40 years of age; but this doesn’t imply that males under 40 won’t suffer from ED. Studies also suggests that a minimum of 1 in every 10 males suffer from erectile dysfunction, and the maximum causes of the disorder seem to be physical rather than psychological.

More than possibly, men in their 60s and 70s will experience ED because vascular disorders start occurring quickly in males during this period. Men suffering from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiac diseases, chronic smoking and hormonal imbalance tend to suffer more from ED. Thus, the facts show that ED is more physical than mental.


Men suffering from ED may seem to be undergoing several psychological changes as a consequence. This makes it important that their loved ones are extra caring and patient for their condition. ED can also influence young generation who have had unpleasant sexual experiences in past. The complete problem is that as soon as men start facing ED problems as a consequence of their psychological actions it is difficult for them to realize these embedded issues without a professional aid, increasing the severity of their problem.