Men Are Beautiful Too

Generally we think of women as beautiful and men as handsome. We have typical characteristics assigned to measure the beauty and handsomeness in case of women and men. While we look at the beauty of the form in case of women, we look at the overall personality and the physical features in the case of men. The beauty of the female form encompasses certain sexiness and feminity while in the case of men, the physical strength, body build, height and other physical features encompass their handsomeness.

There is a common belief amongst all people that women are the only ones who are highly sensitive to their beauty. Every woman wants to be beautiful and look good. She wants to be attractive and wants to be appreciated. Therefore woman engages in makeup, wearing jewellery, fashionable clothing and accessories in order to enhance her beauty. Many people believe that the woman’s beauty is measured only by her physical beauty and not her essential persona or characteristics. Women are also known to be highly emotional and sensitive while men are considered to be rationale and logical in their thinking and outlook. The fact is that the concept of beauty is the same in the case of men as well as in women. However the concept of beauty of the female form is slightly different from that of men. In the case of men, their physical features like being tall, dark and handsome are considered to be handsome.

It is true that women are emotionally very sensitive than men. However it does not mean that men are not sensitive at all. As much as women are bothered about their looks and beauty, men are equally bothered about their looks and personality. Men are constantly looking at their reflection in the mirror or window glass panes or in the review mirror of cars and are seen running their fingers through their hair in order to brush them. Men are highly conscious of their appearance especially with their hair as well as their clothes. Every man or woman is not perfect. Everyone has beauty in them but in different measures and different forms. If women’s self esteem is rooted in her beauty, so is it in the case of man too.

Men who do not confirm to being handsome often grow up with inferiority complexes that shape their self identity and attitude. Men too try to use different cosmetics, medical solutions and all sorts of solutions available to them to enhance their handsomeness. Just like women, men too spend money on grooming themselves. As much as women spend hours at the spa and beauty salons, men too spend equal amount of time waxing, bleaching and trying out different hairstyles as women do. Though they do not accept openly about wanting to look handsome every man nourishes the idea of having a perfect body and personality that makes all females give him a second look. Men are more bothered about their hair and body fat than women are about themselves.

Whoever said that only women are beautiful. Men are too.