Mind Vs Hormones

Youth is the most important period of one’s life. The memories of what one goes through in life are cherished throughout one’s life. Youth is also the most delicate and dangerous period in life. Typically with the onset of puberty the hormones get activated signaling the onset of reproductive cycle and sexual drive. Along with the sexual drive, the body too begins to grow signaling the arrival of adulthood. This is one period that is beset with a lot of physical, mental, psychological and behavioral changes. The individual has to get to know one’s own body and the self as well as learn to see through the window of life and learn to interact with the outside world as an individual.

Puberty is one period that the adolescent youth awaits eagerly. Though he may not be totally aware of what happens with the onset of puberty, he is aware of the fact that he is going to grow up and become an adult. Typically one can find the young adolescents looking into the mirror every morning to look for signs of facial hair and hoping that they grow taller every day.

Testosterone, the male hormone is the main hormone that promotes the growth into adulthood. The onset of sexual energy and drive in the youth causes both physical as well as psychological impact on the youth. He suddenly finds himself physically and sexually active and is attracted to the members of the opposite sex. Quite practically the youth lose their mind and reason and are intoxicated with their new found love and confront new emotions in their life. Life is full of romance and the outside world looks very colorful.

The high flowing adrenaline makes them daring and unmindful of the risks. Coupled with the high energy and the need to show off they tend to exhibit aggressive behavior and often end up engaging in extremely risky stunts and activities. The highest number of drinking and driving as well as the resultant accidents are attributed to the youth in the western world.

Those youth who have very good relationship and enjoy the security of home and parents are likely to be lucky to be guided by the parents and are able to invest their energies into academic and other creative pursuits and avoid pitfalls in their life. Those who do not have parental control and are able to have access to money are likely to lose their footing and end up messing their lives.

Male hormones work well to propel youth into a high energy and aggressive individuals. This is also the most important and decisive time of life which actually determines the future course of one’s life. There is always a battle between the mind and the hormones at this stage. As long as the mind wins and is ruled by logic and reasoning, the youth is on a safe course in life. If the hormones are allowed to win and rule the youth, then the result can be nothing but havoc.