Mindless Musing

Human beings unlike animals are social beings. We need community and society for our living as well as wellbeing. Religion to an extent provides the platform for guiding the community and its members on the art of living. Though we do have social rebels and anti establishment believers, nobody ever tries to leave one‘s society and go into the wilderness.

Many of us do not know what we want in life. Come to think of it. How many know what their vocation should be when they are young? Some children do know what they want to become pretty early but such children are rear. Many youngsters makeup their mind by the time they go to college. Peer pressure and a bit self consciousness plays upon the minds of the youth to make up their mind about their career. Need for money too is a great motivator that can propel youth to take up studies and think of a career. There are many who may be good at some things but have no clue as to what to do in life.

We have all kinds of people in society. Not many are well rounded personalities who have developed and adjusted well in life. Most often we are all eccentric personalities and have our own unique quirks in our personalities.

Coupled with our personalities, we also possess an ego. Psychologists define ego as the soul‘s identification with the body and the sense of “I”. This ego is different in different people. Some people have too high a ego and some are ego less too. Male ego is something that is often talked about and is very apparent in common life. It is not that women do not have an ego. There are many women who have strong egos. But male ego is something that is widely discussed and visible. If we analyze the male ego, you will understand that it has many shades and components. There is a genetic imprint of a male personality or identity in the male which is intrinsic to himself. Male ego includes his consciousness of his sex and libido too. In all of the societies you will find men being ragged or criticized taking the reference of the male libido. Anyone who is physically weak or is impotent is always subject to ridicule. Male impotence or poor physical vigor or personality could be due to male hormone imbalance in the body. Men are also extremely conscious of their baldness which is actually a result of male hormone imbalance in the body but for most men it is an ego issue more than a physical issue.

The physical body as well as the sexual prowess of man forms a part of his ego. It is funny but true that man‘s success in life is often measured by his ability to father off springs than his other achievements. A man may be highly educated and very rich, but if he is unable to father children, his ego gets bruised and the society too looks down upon or ridicules him.

Though we call ourselves modern and educated, society as well as individuals are still sensitive to color, skin, height, physical appearance etc. We seem to refuse to grow up and accept the fact that man is not the physical body and that everybody is a soul and all are equal. We humans are complex beings. Even god must have a hard time understanding our thinking and our egos.