Need Of Tomorrow

Whenever global leaders meet to review and discuss about the world disease burden, the focus had always been on the sufferings of the third world countries and its people, the lack of health care and nutrition as well as the global epidemics including HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Diabetes etc. Of late however, there has been a shift in the focus of the policy makers as well as the aid givers towards the concept of mental health of the people and men in particular. It is true that the economic status and wealth of the countries is increasing and so is the prosperity. Along with the material wealth and higher standard of living the mental illness and the problems caused due to the external environment seems to be increasing too.

Unlike physical health problems that are concentrated and of higher incidence in the third world countries, the mental illness and psychological disturbances are seen to be widespread both in the third world countries as well as the developed countries too. The reasons for the same are different in both cases. The consequences and the result of increasing mental illness is different in both these regions too.

The policy makers and the social workers are beginning to realize that the mental health is far more important for the wellbeing of the entire family and the society as a whole. The mental health problems faced by men decapitate them as well as deprive the entire family of its source of income and in the long run affects the family structure and relationship as well.

In the third world countries, the day to day constant struggle for existence, the abject poverty, lack of education and the socio economic as well as the cultural factors contribute to the mental illness in men. Along with these factors, the political strife as well as the violence and the exposure to drug trafficking, terrorism, smuggling etc are seen to affect the psyche of men in the society.

In the western world however the factors contributing to mental illness amongst men are different. Increasing individualism, loneliness, breakup of family unit, breakup of relationships and western concept of free thinking and free living as well as lack of religious faith etc are seen to be the contributing factors. Besides these, the modern day culture and beliefs in the society contribute to the psyche of the men. Combination of such factors are driving men to take to alcohol and drug abuse as well as depression driven suicides.

Another factor that is emerging to be a major source of stress, anxiety and emotional disturbance to the men all over the world is the sexual orientation. Coming out in the open with one’s sexual orientation and seeking approval of the family, friends and society to the new way of living is not easy and is driving men to mental disorders.

Mental health of individuals is actually the measure of the wellbeing of the society. It is going to be on the top of the list of all the policy makers and health workers in the years to come. Mental health care will be the need of tomorrow.