Quit from smoking and get good result of Angioplasty

Heart is a symbol for life and work just like a pump in human body to circulate the blood. Existence of human life is impossible without this phenomenon. Some people suffer from heart problem in which heart become unable to circulate the blood properly. In this condition, Angioplasty is a process which opens the closed valve for blood circulation.

Angioplasty is very common and reliable to cure the heart problem. But as we know smoking is a bad habit which directly affects the heart. Some heart patients remain addicted of smoking after angioplasty and hence the angioplasty result looks not too good. This research explains that after angioplasty you can get good result if you left smoking habit.

Researcher says, quit from smoking helps in quality of life without chest problems. Dr. John Spertus also says that it is very easy to get quality result of angioplasty by stopping the smoking. Researcher did research on 2700 adult patients who experienced angioplasty due to any heart problem or chest pain. Among 2700 patients, 21% patients left smoking after the angioplasty. 31% and 19% were who continued smoking and who did ever smoke respectively.

It is strongly recommended to every patient to stop smoking after angioplasty to decrease the risk factor of chest pain and heart problem. According to study, in one year about 38% patient left smoking. Spertus said, it is not sufficient to open the blockage of blood circulation but moreover it is also important to help patient to stop smoking. It can be by arranging the programmers and seminars on this topic or by giving them any replacement which don’t create problem for heart.

In angioplasty, a catheter is inserted into the heart or coronary. Balloon in the catheter opens the valve. Sometimes stent is used to open the valve and it is placed inside the artery to keep the blood flow constantly.