Erectile dysfunction has become a common evil in every society. It renders a man impotent and unresponsive to physical interaction and reduces sexual performance. In this particular disease, many factors are involved to trigger the impotence. However, impotence is completely curable by proper medication. A successful medicine of impotence was devised by the scientists of Pfizer pharmaceuticals in 1998 after which it is still being sold as the block buster sexual medication to enhance libido in men throughout the world.

Scientists of Pfizer pharmaceuticals were researching on various anti-hypertensives and vasodilators when they came across sildenafil citrate to be exceedingly effective in dilating the penile blood vessels upon stimulation. Afterwards they continued the research on its efficacy on penile erection till they successfully launched a full version of the drug by the name of Viagra.

PDE5 inhibitors are chemicals that block PDE5 enzyme found characteristically in penile and lung tissues. In the case of penile tissues, the drug acts to protect cGMP from being degraded by PDE5. This leads to increased concentration of cGMP inside penile tissues. Initially, NO is produced from the vascular endothelial cells under sexual stimulation. NO then acts on guanylate cyclase enzyme to produce cGMP which is a potent vascular smooth muscle relaxant. cGMP concentration is increased due to PDE5 inhibition and not its increased synthesis though its synthesis is a necessary evil in triggering the response. Without sexual stimulation or NO production, Viagra consumption is or little or no use.

Viagra, the best selling ED-treatment, is available in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg tablets of diamond shape and blue color. Popularly known as ‘blue pill’, the drug is strictly not to be taken more than once a day. Take the tablet of recommended dosage 30 minutes prior to engaging in physical interaction. The drug is capable of giving more than a satisfactory erection time of four straight hours after which the effects start to whither away.

Like any other medication, Viagra can cause side effects such as dyspepsia, nasal congestion, dizziness, and nausea and hearing problems along with visual loss. Since Sildenafil, the chemical constituent of Viagra, also affects PDE6, cyanotic vision is suspected. Similarly it might affect other enzymes as well. Seek medical assistance immediately in case of appearance and persistence of any of these side effects. However, under proper dosage strength and schedule, reduction in these side effects is guaranteed

Do not take this medicine twice in 24 hours. Do not take sildenafil along with other nitrate containing drugs. Do not take this medicine with alcohol. Do not take the medicine without physician’s consultation. Do not take this medicine if you had liver or kidney problems in the past. Do not take Sildenafil of you suffered from stroke. Do not take this medicine if you had heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. Consult fully with your physician for appropriate dosage.

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blue pillThe dark era of impotence has gone and potent erection is taking its place. Pfizer's pharmaceuticals has revolutionized the intimate life of couples living with the non-romantic problem of erectile dysfunction, through its all times famous drug Viagra commonly known among people as "blue pill". It has been observed by medical expertise that cases of impotence have been consistently increasing since last few decades. Emotional traumas and nutritional deficiencies have long lured men to the dark valley of impotence. Pfizer’s Viagra is providing a promising escape from this curse since 1998.It has been found to efficiently ameliorate erectile dysfunction in men of all age groups regardless of the severity of dysfunction.