Things to know about male Impotence

Sexual problems are also increasing with the increase in number of health problems. In past, there were few health problems and people were able to spend healthy life for more time without getting any health problem. Contrary to this, health problems are commonly found in people. Some of them have severe effects on the body while some are not very bad. But it is also true that a number of medicines are now available in market which can be used to treat the health problem. For every health problem, there are several options and the doctor suggest you the most suitable medicine which can give you desired results in a few hours. Since many medicines are now being sold in medical stores so there is also a competition between the medicine producing companies. Every company is trying to increase their sales by improving the quality and reducing its price. This thing is ultimately giving benefit to the people.

In this article, we shall talk about a sexual problem which has become quite common in people. Since many people have started suffering from this sexual problem so different medicines have been made for this purpose. The name of sexual problem is impotence and it is also called as erectile dysfunction. As its name suggest, this sexual problem is related to penile erection and the person suffering from it either cannot get penile erection or maintain it for a long time. In both cases, he cannot enjoy the sexual intercourse at its best. A sexual activity needs the sexual excitement of both members and a penile erection for the man. Without an erected penis, the man cannot do sex and thus will be unable to meet the sexual desire of woman.

Have you ever wondered that why does it happen? There are certain things which become the causes of erectile dysfunction. A major cause is high blood pressure and mental stress. These two things have now become common in many people and becoming the causes of several health problems including erectile dysfunction. A mental stress does not allow the erection of penis. Basically, the man gets erection when high blood flow passes through blood vessels including penile blood vessels. This high flow rate of blood through penis is the main cause of penile erection and without this a man cannot think to get erection. Doctors prescribe specific medicines to patient so that he can get erection 1 hour before the sexual activity when he wants to do.

The medicines which are available in medical stores for erectile dysfunction treatment are Viagra and Revatio. All these medicines are found in different doses. Usually a heavy dose is prescribed to that person who is able to bear it. Old and weak people are suggested to use low doses so that most of the side effects can be avoided. Moreover, one should take only the prescribed medicine and dose. If he thinks that he can increase his erection time by taking heavy dose, then it is wrong.