Top 8 Methods to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Generally, related as an aging issue, ED is a common problem in men. However, this disorder has nothing to do with age. Men can think of taking some precautionary measures to prevent and avert the encounter of erection dysfunction in them.

1. Food consumed by an individual causes a lot of impact on the complete body, and it is similar in the case of penis too. As per the director of men’s sexual health program in New York University of medical centre and professor of clinical urology Andrew McCullough, “Everything which is bad for a man’s heart is also not good for the penis.” The blood circulation in the arteries of heart is inhibited by poor diet resulting in a heart attack and the blood flow to the penis is also stopped leading to inability of penile erection. Studies have suggested that ED is very rare in men who follow Mediterranean diet which consist of vegetables. Grains, olive oil, fruits, nuts and wine.

2. It has been established that men with heavy weight undergo ED much more than normal weighted men. Being overweight invites several health issues along like diabetes type 2 as it causes damage to the nerves in the penis and body as well. Therefore, maintaining standard weight is so far another preventive measure of erectile dysfunction.

3. High cholesterol and high blood pressure contribute to ED as it harms the blood vessels which pump out blood in the penis. The blood pressure and cholesterol should be regularly checked. There are digital machines which allow easy checking of BP at home. However, doctors say that hypertension is an exclusive reason for ED due to arterial impairment but there are chances of having ED as side effects of the medicines used during high BP.

4. Exercises are beneficial for all and essential for a healthy living. They assist all the body organs along with the penis to function appropriately. Running, swimming, aerobics are a good mode of exercise which helps in the prevention of ED.

5. These days, the world is ruled by a big curse- Smoking. Excluding other damages, it also impairs the blood vessels causing the restriction of blood flow in the penis.

6. Men must get testosterone check up regularly done after reaching the age of 40 as there is a tendency of fall resulting in moodiness, low sex drive, lack in stamina and difficulty in decision-making.

7. Any type of injury to the penis can also cause ED. Therefore, don’t indulge yourself in risky sex. Penis should not come out of vagina suddenly, or avoid penetration if the vaginal region is not wet to prevent penile injury. If any action of spouse particularly during the position of women on top damages the penis, it must be discontinued and changed at the very moment to prevent any injury.

8. Try to avoid any kind of stress as it can also result in erectile dysfunction. This is because stress increases the levels of adrenaline hormone in the body.