Understanding Impotence Symptoms

About four in ten men have impotence problems and most of the men hardly notice it. It is only when the real problem arises that they realize that they have erectile dysfunction. It is also that most of the men true to ignore the fact that they are facing some erection issues. It is always better to understand the symptoms of erection dysfunction.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction can be cured at the earliest only if the signs of impotence are recognized in the beginning. The first sign of impotence is that you may not be able to get the proper erection when approaching your partner. Another thing is that you may not be able to maintain the erection for a long period. If you come across these issues, it is better to understand that you have some problem with your erection.

No single test can be done to determine if you have any impotence issue. The test is a combination of both the physical as well as psychological tests. The first thing to know is whether the problem is related to physical or psychological issues.

You can conduct a self-analysis and determine if you have any problems. If you have no problem with nighttime erections, then the cause could be psychological. When one ages, he could have erection problems. Moreover, hormonal disorders, a recent surgery, obesity, drugs, smoking and alcohol can all lead to impotence.

One should not wait if he feels of having some problem with his erection. Once you notice any problem in not having sexual pleasure or having some dejection towards se, better consult the doctor at once; faster the treatment, better the result.